Happy New Year!

Well, from an astrological point of view today IS actually the beginning of 2012! This is because Sun entered the first sign of the zodiac –Aries. This is a transit that annually marks the Spring Equinox – day and night are equally long for the first time this year.

Since the Sun presently is joined in Aries by retrograde Mercury and notoriously unpredictable Uranus, the initial phase of this astrological year can turn out to be a somewhat bumpy ride. If that is the case best you can do is to try keeping your balance and stay up on the surfingboard of Life.
And if, which God forbids, you happen to lose your poise and plunge into the water, the only thing to do is to await the next wave, climb up on it and continue your travel through this Earthlife.

There is however another, more positive side to this conjunction between Sun, Mercury and Uranus. Since Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury (the intellect), you may make a lot of interesting insights during this year. Some of which might turn your perception of Life upside down! (One of the specialities of Uranus.)

Good luck..!

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