Happy New Year!

Well, from an astrological point of view today IS actually the beginning of 2012! This is because Sun entered the first sign of the zodiac –Aries. This is a transit that annually marks the Spring Equinox – day and night are equally long for the first time this year.

Since the Sun presently is joined in Aries by retrograde Mercury and notoriously unpredictable Uranus, the initial phase of this astrological year can turn out to be a somewhat bumpy ride. If that is the case best you can do is to try keeping your balance and stay up on the surfingboard of Life.
And if, which God forbids, you happen to lose your poise and plunge into the water, the only thing to do is to await the next wave, climb up on it and continue your travel through this Earthlife.

There is however another, more positive side to this conjunction between Sun, Mercury and Uranus. Since Uranus is a higher octave of Mercury (the intellect), you may make a lot of interesting insights during this year. Some of which might turn your perception of Life upside down! (One of the specialities of Uranus.)

Good luck..!

Astrology in the World of Comics

Pluto -the planet- rules the sun sign of Scorpio, b t w.
What might his master’s horoscope look like..?

I have noticed that in times of intense transformation Mickey Mouse-T-shirts 
and college sweaters with MM-motive are popping up everywhere. 
Fittingly enough, considering that he is a Scorpio and therefore a transformation symbol. 

Like most Scorpions Mickey is interested in the world of crime and he frequently takes on
the task of solving mysterious crimes together with  Chief Seamus O’Hara  and Goofy.

The Swedish version

The importance of moon phases

Surely you are familiar with the fact that the different phases of the moon are important to what happens here on Mother Earth? (If nothing else, certainly you know that warewolves become active when it is full moon? 😉
Seriously; in Sweden we have an old, widespread book called Bondepraktikan, that deals with folkloristic believes and where one can get good advice on the subject when to seed and when to harvest according to the movements of the moon and so forth. The English word “lunatic” has an obvious connection with the Latin name for the moon- Luna etc etc
I have personally made some observations when the moon is shifting its phases:

  1. I always get more tired and have a hard time to wake up early at these occasions
  2. The weather seems to change and the new type of weather remains until next change of moon phase

The most general advice about the moon phases is this:

  1. If you want your hair/nails to grow faster; cut them right before a full moon!
  2. If you want your hair/nails to grow more slowly; cut them right before a new moon!
  3. (That is now, by the way)

  4. These rules goes for all organic, growing life

If you use Google as your starting page, you have certain possibilities to customise it. I have this practical moon phase indicator on mine:
Månfasindikator från Google
(The picture abov was inserted in the Swedish version of my blog some days ago. The first real spring days made their entrance then. The moon shifted phase on March 11, and that is when we had our first notion of spring).
Now they arw claiming on Text-TV that winter is making a comeback during this weekend. OK; this is what the moon looks like right now:current-moon-phase.jpg

As you can see, new moon will soon occur, and that will (according to this theory) coincide with the change in the weather. So, unfortunately they may be right about the comeback of winter. I hope it will not be for long, though!