Dogwalking by bike

Well, spring is definitively here! I’ve been able to excersice my dog Shiva with the bike for five consecutive days now. It’s amazing to see how fast she recovers afterwords nowadays. She is not as heavy as she used to be and it is a pure delight to see her enjoying the speed when she runs beside my bike. She is a little bit undisciplined, however (I know, my fault!), so I have to keep her in a leash. I am still somewhat worried that she will cause me and the bike to crash, just like she did last fall, when I started this training. Tom (the oldest son of my ex-wife, with whom I’m sharing the apartement) was very sceptical to the entire project. -It will never work, he said. She will make you crash! (he was right!), so I had taken certain precautions. I had several layers of sweaters under the leatherjacket when we started out.

Shiva had just accelerated to her top speed (and it was downhill, too, of course!), when she saw a friend of my eldest son on the opposite side of the road, and that was it! She ran right across the road and my body went in an elegant (?) bow through the air and hit the asphalt. But since I had expected this, I was at least prepared for the fall, so I managed to plan it pretty well. I landed on my left elbow and succeded to roll over and get up on my feet in one motion.*phew!* Oddly enough, my first reaction after getting
attackdog.jpg up on my feet again, was to excuse the dogs behavior in front of the mildly shocked kid. -Well, she has just started to learn, I said. Today is the first day we try it. He nodded and asked if I wasn’t injured after taking such a violent dive. Well, my elbow was a bit tnder for a while after the accident, but apart from that I was fine.