About this blog…

Hi, all! My name is Sam and I was born in the Year of glowingsam.jpgthe Cat, according to Chinese astrology.

However, the western astrology is what I’ve been studying and working with since the mid -70s.

I live in the village of Havdhem on the Isle of Gotland, Swedens largest. My company consists mainly of my close friend Lucian and the reddish former tomcat Snap.

Now and then my sweetheart from the mainland visits me and so do my three sons from a previous marrige. More or less sporadically, though. :)

As you probably have guessed, this blog will, among other things, deal with astrology. There are a lot of interesting websites on the net on this subject, and I hope to be able to enlighten you about how to find the worthwhile ones.

Of course I will contribute with some texts of my own, also.


Beside astrology, my interests are: spending quality time with my three sons; Joel (Maxi), age 17, Birk (Midi), 13 and Leon (Mini), 11, NewAge-related topics, the question of marijuana legalization, blogging and photography.

3 thoughts on “About this blog…

    • Hi, John!
      Well, maybe you don’t, but the Vietnamese sure do! And there IS actually a pretty famous song by Al Stewart betitled The Year of the Cat.
      The reason, as far as I understand, that the animal in question is called hare or rabbit in China, but cat in Vietnam, is that in the old texts about the 12 animals who came when Buddha called them, there is only talk about “a little furry animal with a weak spine”. It seems that in China they interpreted this as hare or rabbit, but in Vietnam as cat.
      However I changed in the presentation text after you pointed out that the Chinese astrology does not include the cat, so thanks!

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